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Triranga Darshanam

Triranga Darshanam
Triranga Darshanam is of a great significance among Vaishnavas in South India.  Visiting Adhi Ranga(Sri Ranganatha Swamy at Srirangapatna), Madhya Ranga( Sri Jaganmohana Swamy at Shivanasamudra) and Anthya Ranga(Sri Aranganathar of Srirangam at Trichy) between Sunrise and Sunset is termed Triranga Darshanam.

Pariharam: This darshan is termed 'Brahmanda Darshanam' by many and it is believed that this relieves people of various malefic effects of planets.

Date: 18-02-2012
Route Map at Aadi Ranga(Srirangapatna Temple)

Triranga Route
Our Route Map to Triranga Darshanam
A: Srirangapattana, Karnataka
B: Bannur, Karnataka
C: Malavalli, Karnataka
D: Kollegala Main Rd, Malavalli, Karnataka
E: Madhyarangam Temple, Barachukki Falls Road, Chamarajnagar, Karnataka
F: Chamrajnagar, Karnataka
G: Bannari Amman Temple, NH 209, Erode, Tamil Nadu
H: Satyamangalam, तमिल नाडु
I: Erode Junction Railway Station, Erode, Tamil Nadu
J: Karur Railway Station, Karur, Tamil Nadu
K: Srirangam, Thiruchirapalli, Tamil Nadu

Distance: About 433kms from Srirangapattana to Srirangam

We took the longest route above yet we reached the temple on time. This was possible only with the Lord’s grace. We had a superb driver who drove at 85kms and above consistently without compromising on safety.
Important note: Temple timings are very important. The first temple ( Srirangapatna) opens at 7:30am every day except for Fridays(opens at 6am) and Dhanur Maasam.
Srirangapatna temple timings
Board on the Main door of the temple

Aadi Ranga:

Srirangapatna,Ranganatha Swamy, Adi Ranga
Srirangapatna - Ranganatha Swamy Temple

We reached Srirangapatna at 4am. We finished Magha snanam(bathing in river during Magha Masam) in the river Cauvery at Triveni Sangam and proceeded towards Sri Ranganatha Swamy temple at Srirangapatna. We were at the main door of the temple at 5am.
To our surprise, the temple main door had a board displaying that the temple opens at 7:30am on all days except Fridays (6:00am). I also found out that the temple opens around 4:30am during Dhanur Maasam.  There were 5 other groups of devotees waiting at the temple door hoping that the temple opens before 7:30am. I did strike a conversation with a few members in the group and it was clear that all of them were worried about making darshanam in a day’s time because of the delay in the first temple darshanam. This made a dent on everyone’s hopes of making the trip in a day’s time.
The temple opened at 7:30am sharp and the darshanam of the Lord was nothing less than a feast to our eyes. We could not afford to spend an hour or more in the temple so we left the temple premises at 8am to Madhya Ranga.

Madhya Ranga:

Madhya Ranga at Shivanasamudra

Depiction of Sri Ranganatha Swamy with Sri Devi  

We reached Madhya Ranga at 9:25am. When we arrived at Madhya Ranga, the temple was locked by the priest as there were no devotees that day. The priest stays closeby within a sighting distance from the temple. We had to take flower sellers’ help to have him come back and open the temple for us and the other devotees who were trailing us. By the time we finished the darshanam at Madhya Ranga, the other groups arrived at the temple. We exchanged smiles and wished each other for proper completion of Triranga darshanam. We left the temple premises at 9:50am. We had the lunch packed from home in the middle of Sathyamangala forest and it took an hour’s time. We took another break of 30 minutes on reaching Tamil Nadu border. While the driver went to get the permit, we walked to Bannari Amman temple a few meters away from there.

Anthya Ranga:

Srirangam Temple

We found the travel to Trichy a little difficult because the signage was in Tamil and none of us could read it though we knew Tamil fluently. This made us stop at places we needed directions to the temple. We reached Srirangam at 5:30pm and took Thayaar’s darshanam within the temple. By the time we went to take the Lord’s darshanam, the door to the Lord’s darshanam was closed. On enquiring we found out that the darshanam would resume at 7pm again. There was a lot of crowd as it was Ekadashi. We waited in the queue and had a fabulous darshanam(a treat to the eyes!!) of the Lord Sri Ranganatha sleeping on Adishesha.
After the darshanam, we had Prasadam sold at the temple counter and relaxed thanking the Lord for facilitating this darshanam. We left the temple premises at 9pm to reach home.
Om Sri Ranganathaaya Namah! Om Namo Narayanaaya! Om Namo Venkateshaaya!


  1. Good info on temple. keep up the good work

    1. Good info ,on 23 may 2017 I did the same triranga darshan I could get the darshan of Adirang and Madhya tanga easily ...but because of my or technical mistakes we took a wrong route towards Trichy by the Time we realised we have travelled 90 K M extra T.N.Govt should seriously consider having direction boards in English also because we don't no Tamil it became very difficult.Anway we reached Trichy at 7 30 p m and had darshan of the Lord Came back happily

    2. Google map will be of great help

  2. hi venu
    plz share the road expr... from madhya ranga to antya ranga in detail
    i have a plan of taking ma mother in this dec2013.... so it will be helpfull.
    my mail id :

    1. Hi Prakash,

      The Route we took:

      The road from Madhyaranga to Anthyaranga is very good. However, the ghat section with hairpin curves was very scary.

      The route my friend took:

      My friend had been to Triranga darhanam even before I went. The route he took was

      Shivanasamudra - Srirangam: 300 kms
      via Kollegal, Hanur, Ajjipura, Ramapura, Anthiyur, Bhavani, Thiruchengode, Namakkal, Musiri

      In this route a few stretches were very bad and not good for cars. This was way back in 2011.

  3. Neat writing my friend.... that was a lot of information..... way to go... Take a bow man.. Keep it going!!

  4. thanx for mentioning the route but its good if u had mentioned how many kms from bangalore to antya ranga in this route

    1. Hi,

      The distance is about 433 kms. Thank you for the suggestion. I have updated the information on the page.

  5. A very good description of the Tri Ranga Darshan. We are planning for this and this info is very helpful. Thanks

  6. Well written experience! and also good information about Tri Ranga Darshan.

  7. thank u for the information we are planning to go from Shimoga to Triranga Darshana......thank u for the detailed temple timing which is most important.

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  9. Thanks for the detailed blog. I intend to know whether we can take darshan starting from Sri Ranga, Madhya Ranga and Adi Ranga does it make sense since i am travelling from Chennai. Please advise do
    not mistake as i had doubt on this other way round!.

  10. Sir hat's off for the information provided. May God bless !!!

  11. Nice and informative post on Triranga Darshanam. It starts with ,Srirangapatna , one of the five important pilgrimage sites along the river Kaveri for devotees of Ranganath.The five sacred sites together known as Pancharanga Kshetrams. Srirangapatna is the first temple starting from upstream, the deity is known as Adi Ranga . click on Srirangapatna temple timings to know more.

  12. Thanks for the detailed information. Since this site was created in Feb 2012, are there any change in the opening timings of Srirangapatna temple in the morning?

  13. Thanks for the detailed information. Since this site was created in Feb 2012, are there any change in the opening timings of Srirangapatna temple in the morning?

  14. Thanks for the detailed information. Since this site was created in Feb 2012, are there any change in the opening timings of Srirangapatna temple in the morning?

  15. Please share the triranga darshanam sankalpa

  16. Please guide us Triranga Darshanam,

  17. Thanks. Very useful information.Om Namo Narayana!

  18. Ashok Singh: Sir Please suggest me if any organiser is there let me know his Mobile NO.
    I will be very greatful to you.

  19. Ashok Singh: Sir Please suggest me if any organiser is there let me know his Mobile NO.
    I will be very greatful to you.

  20. Hi all...triranga darshan is a grate experience I think you people Should experience it
    It is said this darshan should be made on maghamasam by taking magha sannam in river cavern
    Adiranga at Srirangapattana- This temple opens at 7AM have darshan of Lord and try to leave the temple at 8AM and proceed
    Madhyaranga at Shivanasamudra- This temple is about 74kms from Srirangapattana....Take T Narasipura route Via Aravattige Koppalu-Chamanahalli-Bannur-Malavalli-Barachukkifalls Road-Madhyaranganatha swamy temple...It takes 1hour 15min to reach here. Darshan the Lord here and leave as soon as possible.(9.30AM)
    SRIRANGAM Tirchy-Anthyaranga
    It's 283 kms from madhyaranga .. Route
    it's 6hours journey But drive Safe. ..
    I once again remaind you people To drive safe.

    Thank you
    Feeling blessed

  21. The town takes its name from the observed Ranganathaswamy sanctuary which overwhelms the town, making Srirangapatna a standout amongst the most imperative Vaishnavite focuses of journey in South India.

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  22. Thank you for the detailed information

  23. Thanks for the detailed review... Planning to visit the shrine next week... Can anyone help me with kollegal - Antiyur Road conditions

  24. Very Useful Information. Thank you so much. Keep up the good deeds.

  25. Great Write up.... Very Informative.. Thanks a Ton!!!!

  26. Excellent narration. Thanks namaskaram

  27. awesome blog!!! please share links of any other such blogs if you have created.

  28. Hi friends,i want to visit all three ranganatha swami temples so after last visit of srirangam we have back home same day or can i stay in srirangam at night and next day back to home? Pl share me.

  29. Hi friends,i want visit to all three ranganatha swamy temples. so after last visit to srirangam can I back to home on same day or stay at srirangam night and back to home next help me.

  30. Its upto your driving ability. 3 Rangas put together will come around 450 kms. If you are capable of completing the drive you may...

  31. Hi friends,i want visit to all three ranganatha swamy temples.after last to srirangam we have to come back or stay in srirangam at night and next day we can reach home .pl inform any one knows about this trip.

  32. Hello Friends..we made Triranga Darshan in Nov-2018..We followed following route, hope it helps.

    Day before halted at night at Srirangapatnam.

    7:00 am - Reached Adhi Ranga temple Srirangapatnam. (Temple opens at 7:00 am throughout the year, only in Dec-Jan during Dhanur mass opens at 6:00 am)

    7:45am - After darshan, started for Madya Ranga at Shivanasamudra.

    9:15 am - Reached temple. (via Banur, Malavali). 75Km. 2 way road without divider.

    9:30 am - After Darshan at Madya Ranga started for Antyaranga Trichy.

    10:30 am- Halt for breakfast at restaurant Mayura at charamrajnagar.(55km from Madya Ranga temple)

    11 am - Started and reached Trichy(Srirangam) temple at 5 pm. After reaching Srirangam, halted at Yatri Niwas for refreshments.
    Route -
    Kollegal, Chamarajanagar, Satyamangala,
    Erode bypass, Tiruchengode, Namakkal, Musiri, (Srirangam)Trichy.
    (Google maps were helpful, but sometimes due to some road work slight changes can happen,so keep track of your route)

    Temple closes at 5:00 pm, opens at 7:00 pm. we stood in the queue at 6:00 pm, after doors were opened, finally would get darshan at 8:00 pm.


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