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Sri Adhi Vinayaka Temple

Adhi Vinayaka Swamy

This is a 200-year old temple dedicated to Sri Adhi Vinayaka Swamy on Old Madras Road, Halasuru, Bengaluru. During the British rule, 'Halasuru' was anglicized to 'Ulsoor'. This is a small and a magnificent temple.There are quite a few people whose lives have changed after performing pooja here.
Front View of the Temple
Side View of the Temple

Address: No.74, Old Madras Road, Halasuru, Bangalore-8

Significance : Students, who have discontinued their studies due to various reasons, can have the temple priest do a pooja for progress in studies
 What is required for Pooja?
  1.  Eight Notebooks, Eight Pencils & Eight Sharpeners(*Don't use Erasers for this pooja). If possible carry a few extra books, pencils and sharpeners to offer them to the priest after the pooja.
  2. Usual Pooja Items - Coconut, stringed Flowers,Incense sticks, Bananas,Camphor, Betel & Arecanut(and so on to one's liking ).       
  1. Inform the priest about the purpose of the pooja
  2. Have an Archana done for the progress in studies and pray with utmost devotion
  3. Once 8 books,8 pencils and 8 sharpeners are offered to the Lord Ganesha, give one set of the stationery items aforementioned to the priest and take the rest( atleast 8 sets of the stationary items) back with you and give away to poor students preferably.
  4. After this, the person who has had the pooja done will see positive changes in studies. There are quite a few people standing testimony to this and I'm one of them. :)
Sri Someshwara Swamy Temple

This is easily one of the oldest temples in Bengaluru. This temple is near Halasuru Police Station and it’s hardly ½ km from Halasuru Metro Station. The presiding deity is Someshwara Swamy and His consort is Sri Kamakshamma. This temple is known as Panchalinga Kshetram.

Someshwara Temple Gopuram
This temple is quite famous among Bengalureans. The temple’s architecture is an amalgamation of Chola, Hoysala and Vijayanagar style. There is a Sri Chakram inside Kamakshamma shrine. Legend has it that Sage Mandavya worshipped Shiva Lingam here. Some claim that there is a secret underground passage from this temple to Kanchipuram in Tamil Nadu.

This famous temple often features in Kannada movies for its exquisite architecture with calm precincts. The Yali pillars add more beauty to the already beautifully carved Mandapams.

There are 3 versions as to how this temple came into being.

As per one of the legends, this temple was built by King Jayappa Gowda(uncle of Kempe Gowda) of ‘Yelahanka Nada Prabhus’. King Jayappa Gowda happened to come to the present site of the temple. He took a nap as he was tired after hunting. Lord Shiva, in the form of an old man, appeared in his dream and ordered the king to build the temple using buried treasure.

View after Entering the Gopuram
Visiting this temple is known to alleviate the problems faced by politicians. Many politicians have visited this temple and some of them are foreign politicians too. B.S.Yediyurappa and Shobha Kharandlaje are a few among many Indian politicians who have been to this temple. However, this temple came to national limelight when Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper visited this temple with his wife.

Of late, this temple was in News again as a Kalyani[a stepped bathing tank] towards the North-East side of the temple was excavated adding more mystery.

Timings: 6 am to 12 noon and 4 pm to 9 pm.

Address: Someshwara Temple Road, Someshwarpura, Halasuru, Bangalore, Karnataka 560008


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